Christina Harrison

What's Happening?

NEWS - NEW CD RELEASE Dear Friends, Welcome to my updated web site and finally a news-letter from me. Sorry for the long silences and interruptions on the web site and the calendar. 2006 was not a typical singing year for me as I spent much of it in Scotland recording my new cd: Mrs. Paterson’s Daughter – a childhood memoir of self-composed songs for children and grown-ups. Many of the lyrics were written years ago but it was time to resurrect them and with the help of Ian Bruce, rewrite. The recording has already brought about much joy. Those who have heard it say it is my best to date. Some of the tracks were submitted to the Maryland State Arts Council for Individual Musical Composition and consequently I just became an Individual Artist Award Recipient for 2007. This was a great honor to receive and the funds will be used for a return trip to Scotland in order to complete the writing of a song and story book that will accompany the cd. 2007 will be yet another year for creativity before I put on my agent’s hat again and line up some singing tours. Meanwhile there are a few up and coming local concerts; so please come and join me at these events as singing to a live audience is still my first love! You are now able to sign into my guest book on the web site, so I look forward to hearing from all of you. I am still teaching from home so if you are interested in singing and/or guitar lessons – both together is also an option - don’t hesitate to call or email. Meanwhile, keep your eye on my schedule and newsetter as they will be current and flowing from now on! Thanks Christina