Christina Harrison


Dear Friends,

Thank goodnes for friends and music and finally the SPRING. This winter was harsh but some of you braved it out to my concerts and that was a welcome boost.

If you missed the interview I did with NPR's the Signal last November - it is still there in the archives - go to LINKS for more details. It took us all by surprise as I suddenly spilled the beans about my long lost father and his infleunce on me musically. Aaron was a wonderful host and made we feel like talking and singing all night - I know you are not surprised. Folks have been listeneing to it on line all over the world.

Well moving on - just when I thought I could catch up again with so many projects new and old venues approached me for their events this year so take a look at the calendar.  There are still more events pending. So look regularly.

Another big treat last Fall was to meet the Duke of Argyll who was the guest speaker at the Campbell's Gathering at the Union League in Philadlephia. I was invited to sing a few songs and hence the photograph on my web site photo gallery. I have been spending hundreds of hours sorting photos and puttting them in the gallery and will continue to do so for a long time until my music history is complete. If you take a peep at the slide shows you might even see yourself in the audience. But I am adding weekly so keep on looking. I must finish this before I start Facebook.

Please don't forget that my cds are now mostly available on line with cd baby and can also be downloaded digitally - you need only buy one track if necessary.

I put some more clips up on You Tube of Christmas songs. Out of season but I think the introductions are more entertaining. My favourite is "Dark Alan" in Gaelic...a must listen.  Still having problems with the resolution and still trying to figure out all the technical stuff so it will take forever - there is no time to sing - if you have any tips or time to help let me know. Meanwhile I will plod on when I can.

The Maryland State Arts Council have opened up some grants for me and they are still available so if you know of any school or concert presenter who may be interested in hearing about the grant opportunities please let me or them know.

Finally I am still teaching guitar and voice separately and together. You are never too young or old to learn so just call me if you need lessons.

Hoping to be in London and Glasgow via a few smaller cities on route in September. Hope to see you before then.

Sign in my guest book if you get a chance.

All the best and take care