Christina Harrison

Important Information for Presenters and Fans

Check out the latest You Tube video - 2001 interview with the Down Neck Gazette - it's long but nostalgic and you'll see my cats ALSO if you have time while you are there my other shorter vidoe clips could use some views to get good ratings - make sure you watch them in the high quality feature located under the screen. The Cecil Soil Magazine Cecil County, Maryland has published an excellent article on my life and work (written by Brett Spotts) this month - kind of "This is Your Life" - style. The article is on page 36 and then additional scrapbook photos on page 49. In addition you can click on a scrapbook they put together for me with 65 photos and captions featuring some historical photos of family and gigs. If you would like to read the article go on line to and click on the current issue (pages turn) then use the controls to select page 36. If you just want to look at the photos go to Cecil Snaps on the menu of the homepage. Third photo down starts it: Click on the photos for captions or just glide the mouse across all the photos. In addition to this there is a link on the article to the scrap book and a link to You Tube. Don't foret to click on high quality for the latter. Enjoy! News for presenters. I have been placed on the Maryland State Arts Council Touring Roster which means that non-profit organizations may apply for funding for my concerts. Please go to and scroll down to the link for the Maryland Artists Roster for photos and bios of artists especially chosen and for the guidelines. I will be kept on this roster for 3 years. Got some concerts coming up this spring and summer so look out for dates on my web site calendar. This is the year to get back in action so hopefully I can get to see all of you soon. I am interested in teaching a few more students so if you hear of anyone who would be interested in voice and/or guitar lessons please contact me. Thanks for taking the time to read this news. All the Best Christina