Christina Harrison

Happy Holidays and some Video News

Dear Friends, Thanks you so much for your support this year at my concerts. I have still been mainly focusing on writing but hope to have some more concert dates on the calendar for 2009. Thanks also to those of you who have been faithfully buying my cds at concerts, stores and through CD Baby my current web host and excellent internet distribution company. People are always asking when the next one is coming out. Suffice it to say that I am currently working on new songs and new ideas. Please take a moment to view my live video recordings at the Historic Rogers Tavern in Perryville, MD in 1999 on YOU TUBE – Bill Belcher does his usual fantastic guitar playing and you may even see yourself in the audience. There are indoor and outdoor scenes/tracks. Personally my favourite is “Love Me Anew” (self-composed). Bill Belcher does a stunning piece of work on “Starving Wolf with Mange” written by my good friend Robert Parlier. An earlier version recorded on my “Exiles” cd was recently aired on the ONION SHOW, Ipswich, London and this morning they aired “Paint the Country Blue” also from Exiles, also written by Robert Parlier. The DJ heard me sing in Germany a few years ago and tracked me down on the web! Thanks to those of you who already took the time. The more hits you get the higher the rating (I think – let me know if you know more). I am currently working on new video scenes and will let you know when they have been posted. Also having fun gathering earlier videos. They will be posted at a later stage. How nice to look so young. Your comments in the guest book are truly appreciated and I have caught up with a few friends or fans as a result. Meanwhile I wish you all the best and hope that you will stay in touch. I will endeavor to keep you posted on this news page regularly and on the web site calendar. Yours ever, Christina