Christina Harrison


More great news. I just received a 2007 PARENTS' CHOICE APPROVED AWARD for my latest cd released this year: Mrs. Paterson's Daughter - a self-composed memoir of a childhood in Scotland. This is my second award in 2007. As previously mentioned I also received a 2007 INDIVIDUAL MUSIC COMPOSITION AWARD from the Maryland State Arts Council for variouis tracks included on this CD. For the latter I get to attend the award ceremony on June 19th. at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Baltimore, MD where all award recipients will be honored. I just returned from a very adventurous trip in Glasgow, Scotland where I was researching and photographing for the book that I am writing to accompany the cd. I felt I was in a time machine. It is the most amazing city with stunning old architecture and as they say the friendliest people in the world. Now it is time to prepare for concerts coming up shortly. Check out my schedule and please stay in touch. All the best Christina