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Concert a great success at Ljubljana Opera House , November 18th 2018

Dear Friends and Family,

Just to let you know that the concert at the Ljubljana Opera House, Slovenia last November (2018) was a magical event. Aleksander Mezek for whom I was the guest singer, did a magnificent job not only in concert but in organizing the whole event. It was a thrill and great honor to be there. He is currently working on footage and sound with the Slovenian Television and sometime in future hopefully I can post a link for samples of the concert. The Slovenian backing musicians were superb as was the house string orchestra and Ian Bruce and Pete Clark from Scotland who joined me on my original and traditional songs from Scotland. The stage setting was like a fairy tale with rugs, candles, chandeliers, lighting and also we were greatly blessed by a back drop message on video from Sir Cliff Richard; Britain's superstar since I was a child. What a great night. My husband Bill, said it was the best concert he had ever attended. Stay posted with me here as I plan to keep you up to date.

Yours as always,

Christina Harrison

Back on Stage Again

Dear Friends,

I am sorry for the long delay in bringing you up to date due to health reasons and writing sabbaticals. But I am back in action now. I have been doing some singing in France over the last few winters and last summer did a performance at Vulcan's Rest, Chesapeake City, MD, USA. 

Some great news for this year: I will be performing as guest singer for Aleksander Mezek - please look for his videos on you tube, they are great - at the Ljubljana Opera House in Slovenia. We will be joined by a 20 piece string orchestra and Ian Bruce, Scottish singer/songwriter and Pete Clark fiddler extraordinaire, as well as some Slovenian celtic musicians. It will be a great show so just hop on a plane and come on over. It will be on November 18th 2018.

I am still busy writing books - long projects but I will keep you posted.

Yours Truly

Christina Harrison

Finally some news for 2013

Dear Friends,

I am so sorry for being delinquent in keeping you up to date. Basically I am taking advantage of a health sabbatical during which I am attempting to complete and edit a book to accompany my cd "Mrs. Paterson's Daughter." In addition I am completing a novel and occasionally teaching voice and guitar. The time down is good although there is nothing like singing on stage and experiencing the rapport with the audience.  

This summer I will be in England and Scotland to tie up some ends for the book and also to visit family and friends. 

You will also find me on Facebook: christina.harrison.54943 and of course centuries of music on You Tube. Take a browse sometime.

Please check in now and again and maybe I will surprise you with concert news.

I miss seeing you.

All the Best



Catching Up with You for 2011

Dear Friends,

Sorry for the long delay in writing. I have been indulging in time off after a busy touring spell last year but time to work again so you can come and enjoy the music.

This June I will be doing a Children's Show at an old haunt - Academy Lawn, Main St., Newark, DE. Please come and join in the fun as we sing and maybe even dance together. See details on my calendar.

It is my intention to complete the accompanying book for Mrs Paterson's Daughter CD this year so concerts will be intermittent. Please do not hesitiate to contact me if you are interested in booking me for a performance or if you would like to know my concert schedule. I have also resumed teaching privately - both guitar and voice - separately or together as is required. All contact information is on the contact link.

Look forward to seeing you or hearing from you again.

Happy 2011




Dear Friends,

Thank goodnes for friends and music and finally the SPRING. This winter was harsh but some of you braved it out to my concerts and that was a welcome boost.

If you missed the interview I did with NPR's the Signal last November - it is still there in the archives - go to LINKS for more details. It took us all by surprise as I suddenly spilled the beans about my long lost father and his infleunce on me musically. Aaron was a wonderful host and made we feel like talking and singing all night - I know you are not surprised. Folks have been listeneing to it on line all over the world.

Well moving on - just when I thought I could catch up again with so many projects new and old venues approached me for their events this year so take a look at the calendar.  There are still more events pending. So look regularly.

Another big treat last Fall was to meet the Duke of Argyll who was the guest speaker at the Campbell's Gathering at the Union League in Philadlephia. I was invited to sing a few songs and hence the photograph on my web site photo gallery. I have been spending hundreds of hours sorting photos and puttting them in the gallery and will continue to do so for a long time until my music history is complete. If you take a peep at the slide shows you might even see yourself in the audience. But I am adding weekly so keep on looking. I must finish this before I start Facebook.

Please don't forget that my cds are now mostly available on line with cd baby and can also be downloaded digitally - you need only buy one track if necessary.

I put some more clips up on You Tube of Christmas songs. Out of season but I think the introductions are more entertaining. My favourite is "Dark Alan" in Gaelic...a must listen.  Still having problems with the resolution and still trying to figure out all the technical stuff so it will take forever - there is no time to sing - if you have any tips or time to help let me know. Meanwhile I will plod on when I can.

The Maryland State Arts Council have opened up some grants for me and they are still available so if you know of any school or concert presenter who may be interested in hearing about the grant opportunities please let me or them know.

Finally I am still teaching guitar and voice separately and together. You are never too young or old to learn so just call me if you need lessons.

Hoping to be in London and Glasgow via a few smaller cities on route in September. Hope to see you before then.

Sign in my guest book if you get a chance.

All the best and take care




Interview with the SIGNAL on WYPR

Click on to hear Christina's Interview with Aaron Henkon on the SIGNAL (aired 13th November 2009). This link will expire in about two months. It was a privilege to be invited on NPR.

It is now archived so you have to do the following: - easier than it looks:

Interview on WYPR"S the SIGNAL. Hear Christina's interview with Aaron Henkin on Friday November 13th 2009

How to search the archives:

1. Cick old entries

2. Scroll to my photo

3. Click "here" in brown - for MP3

4. Scroll down to Previous Features

5. Air Date - 11/13

6. Hit play button

Thanks to the Bowmans for allowing us a wonderful House Concert in their home. Certainly put us in the right spirit for Christmas. Thanks to all of you for coming and singing along.

Thanks to all of you who came to hear me at the Prince Theatre in Chestertown, Maryland. We all had a great time. Thanks to the management for a warm welcome.

2010 looks like it is going to be a busy year with old and new venues so keep checking the calendar.

I will be working on school assembly concerts very soon and have some grant funding from the Maryland Art Council so if you work in a school and are interested let me know.

Please don't forget that my cds and individual recording tracks are available digitally through 

I am still teaching from home so if you are interested in learning to play guitar and/or to sing please call me or email. 410 275 2133.

Have a great Christmas and keep looking as I will be updating you. If you wish to be placed on my concert email list just email me at

Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.


Summer Happenings

Dear Friends, Sorry for the silence the last two months; just been swamped with projects as usual. It was wonderful to be invited back to the Stepping Stone Museum Celtic Festival in Havre de Grace, MD and also St. Stephens Coffee House in Earleville, MD. I am currently in South Dakota where I have sung on many an occasion and this time sang at a friend's wedding. The Black Hills are amazing. It will be a delight to return to the Long Island HIghland Games in August - check calender. Just recently I gave three presentations at a Cecil County, MD Teacher's Conference on the subject of integrating Celtic Folk Music with educational topicals for the classroom. This was a learning experience allround and it was a privilege to be invited. September takes me to Spain where I will be tempted to stay put. One of my future projects is to get on Facebook. I am still accepting students for guitar and/or voice lessons - please spread the word, thanks. All the best and thanks for your loyal support. Christina

Important Information for Presenters and Fans

Check out the latest You Tube video - 2001 interview with the Down Neck Gazette - it's long but nostalgic and you'll see my cats ALSO if you have time while you are there my other shorter vidoe clips could use some views to get good ratings - make sure you watch them in the high quality feature located under the screen. The Cecil Soil Magazine Cecil County, Maryland has published an excellent article on my life and work (written by Brett Spotts) this month - kind of "This is Your Life" - style. The article is on page 36 and then additional scrapbook photos on page 49. In addition you can click on a scrapbook they put together for me with 65 photos and captions featuring some historical photos of family and gigs. If you would like to read the article go on line to and click on the current issue (pages turn) then use the controls to select page 36. If you just want to look at the photos go to Cecil Snaps on the menu of the homepage. Third photo down starts it: Click on the photos for captions or just glide the mouse across all the photos. In addition to this there is a link on the article to the scrap book and a link to You Tube. Don't foret to click on high quality for the latter. Enjoy! News for presenters. I have been placed on the Maryland State Arts Council Touring Roster which means that non-profit organizations may apply for funding for my concerts. Please go to and scroll down to the link for the Maryland Artists Roster for photos and bios of artists especially chosen and for the guidelines. I will be kept on this roster for 3 years. Got some concerts coming up this spring and summer so look out for dates on my web site calendar. This is the year to get back in action so hopefully I can get to see all of you soon. I am interested in teaching a few more students so if you hear of anyone who would be interested in voice and/or guitar lessons please contact me. Thanks for taking the time to read this news. All the Best Christina

Happy Holidays and some Video News

Dear Friends, Thanks you so much for your support this year at my concerts. I have still been mainly focusing on writing but hope to have some more concert dates on the calendar for 2009. Thanks also to those of you who have been faithfully buying my cds at concerts, stores and through CD Baby my current web host and excellent internet distribution company. People are always asking when the next one is coming out. Suffice it to say that I am currently working on new songs and new ideas. Please take a moment to view my live video recordings at the Historic Rogers Tavern in Perryville, MD in 1999 on YOU TUBE – Bill Belcher does his usual fantastic guitar playing and you may even see yourself in the audience. There are indoor and outdoor scenes/tracks. Personally my favourite is “Love Me Anew” (self-composed). Bill Belcher does a stunning piece of work on “Starving Wolf with Mange” written by my good friend Robert Parlier. An earlier version recorded on my “Exiles” cd was recently aired on the ONION SHOW, Ipswich, London and this morning they aired “Paint the Country Blue” also from Exiles, also written by Robert Parlier. The DJ heard me sing in Germany a few years ago and tracked me down on the web! Thanks to those of you who already took the time. The more hits you get the higher the rating (I think – let me know if you know more). I am currently working on new video scenes and will let you know when they have been posted. Also having fun gathering earlier videos. They will be posted at a later stage. How nice to look so young. Your comments in the guest book are truly appreciated and I have caught up with a few friends or fans as a result. Meanwhile I wish you all the best and hope that you will stay in touch. I will endeavor to keep you posted on this news page regularly and on the web site calendar. Yours ever, Christina

An Update from Christina

Dear Friends, Sorry for the silence of recent. Most of my concerts have been private and also in schools. I am going to be away for the month of April for the sole purpose of writing. On my return I will keep you posted regarding future concerts. If you have not already done so please write something "nice" in my guest book. Thanks for your continued support. Best Wishes Christina


More great news. I just received a 2007 PARENTS' CHOICE APPROVED AWARD for my latest cd released this year: Mrs. Paterson's Daughter - a self-composed memoir of a childhood in Scotland. This is my second award in 2007. As previously mentioned I also received a 2007 INDIVIDUAL MUSIC COMPOSITION AWARD from the Maryland State Arts Council for variouis tracks included on this CD. For the latter I get to attend the award ceremony on June 19th. at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Baltimore, MD where all award recipients will be honored. I just returned from a very adventurous trip in Glasgow, Scotland where I was researching and photographing for the book that I am writing to accompany the cd. I felt I was in a time machine. It is the most amazing city with stunning old architecture and as they say the friendliest people in the world. Now it is time to prepare for concerts coming up shortly. Check out my schedule and please stay in touch. All the best Christina

What's Happening?

NEWS - NEW CD RELEASE Dear Friends, Welcome to my updated web site and finally a news-letter from me. Sorry for the long silences and interruptions on the web site and the calendar. 2006 was not a typical singing year for me as I spent much of it in Scotland recording my new cd: Mrs. Paterson’s Daughter – a childhood memoir of self-composed songs for children and grown-ups. Many of the lyrics were written years ago but it was time to resurrect them and with the help of Ian Bruce, rewrite. The recording has already brought about much joy. Those who have heard it say it is my best to date. Some of the tracks were submitted to the Maryland State Arts Council for Individual Musical Composition and consequently I just became an Individual Artist Award Recipient for 2007. This was a great honor to receive and the funds will be used for a return trip to Scotland in order to complete the writing of a song and story book that will accompany the cd. 2007 will be yet another year for creativity before I put on my agent’s hat again and line up some singing tours. Meanwhile there are a few up and coming local concerts; so please come and join me at these events as singing to a live audience is still my first love! You are now able to sign into my guest book on the web site, so I look forward to hearing from all of you. I am still teaching from home so if you are interested in singing and/or guitar lessons – both together is also an option - don’t hesitate to call or email. Meanwhile, keep your eye on my schedule and newsetter as they will be current and flowing from now on! Thanks Christina


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