Christina Harrison

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Dear Christina, I loved your recent interview on the local NPR station! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your journey with us! Of course, your songs were simply beautiful, as always. With gratitude for sharing your gift with us, and with warmest wishes for continuing abundance- Shahrzad
Your concert was wonderful! You have such talent both in singing and playing. I could have listened for another couple of hours. You are such a natural teacher, I loved the way you were able to get the audience on board with the singing. I am not sure whether you could really hear, but there were some men in the audience with incredible voices. Have a wonderful holiday season if I don't talk to you.
Would love to meet you Christina, I live in Hazelmoor. Sorry I didn't hear about your appearance at St Stephens until after the event.
I heard your interview on NPR and loved your music. I hope to see you in concert in the near future.
Mrs. Harrison, I have just finished hearing you on the12.00 noon (Nov 13, 2009) NPR program out of Baltimore, MD, AND I "blame" YOU for the tears of joy and happiness welling up in my aged African man's eyes.... I heard just one song... - the one from dad... What a song! What a memory! What a voice! And what a vehicle for so timeless a lifestory and memories! And that hilarious, contagious humour of yours ! ALL so pin-pointedly-on-the mark-CELTIC-BEST, I suspect. This highest of levels of human spiritedness can only be the revelation and reflection (in very able, nurturing hands and in an especially CLEAR mirror!) of a baton from the very best of a long continuing (CELTIC/human) heritage and inheritance... the very best of the bestest heritage of the better side of humanity at its best... AND SO-TOUCHINGLY, UNIVERSALLY-HUMAN!!!! As you can see: in my bubbling happiness and excitement... and tears, am having a hard time finding the right words... And that left handed humour of yours ... I can't even remember clearly any longer in my roaring laughter if (you said) you learnt to play the guitar left handed, upside down; or standing on your head ... in a makeshift bedroom just salvaged from a stampeding, "beautiful hungry hoard" of world-criss-crossing idealist and curious youths...! (As a once upon a time staff and a long time member and supporter of the beautiful International Youth Hostelling and its hoards of beautiful traveling spirits, I begin to get a clear snapshot glimpse of what you are saying here!) I give up ..can't adequately put my present feelings into words! So I'll just say, for my aged African man self: The music and memories are GREAT... but that your beautiful left handed humor has to stop: It's hurting the people's ribs! But... All the same ...We can't help but forgive you! Bless you, your family and all you touch and cherish! You are, doubtless, to so many so blessed to bear witness to your existence and your works... even as my ribs continue to hurt...and my eyes well with tears of joy and beautiful memories...
Christina, Lauren and I are very much looking forward to learning from the best. Thank you, Chanon Parlier
We never tire of listening to you,looking at you, or reading about you We cheer over every one of your successes.You and Bill deserve only the best !!
Good to see you last week, hope it isn't another five years before we see you! If you ever use Dulles Airport, let us know as we are only 2 miles away.
Hi I still have a treasured signed copy of Exiles. You was in Vitternburg at the Irish bar 1996 and playing ,singing was brilliant. I was there with my mate Dennis(tall Irish lad), who played the spoons. I am back home in north Essex. Do you tour still ?If so pop over. All the best Trevor
Hi Christina, I have seen you at Chesapeake City and North East MD and want to take my 20 month old Grandson to see you . Please let me know what your schedule is in these or nearby towns. Hope to see you soon. I really enjoy your concerts.
Hello! Very good site and stylish design
Dear Christina , I LOVE your music . Love , Kimberly
Hello! Excellent site! Searched a long ago
Dearest Christina, If you ever come to Oklahoma I have a lake house on Monkey Island and a smaller house near my parents in Oklahoma City. You and your husband are welcome anytime. Please come and visit. You might want to set up a tour in the Southwest. Love Ruth and Don
You have a beautiful and powerful voice. I would rate your voice to be right up there with anyone that I have heard so far and I have been listening to folk singers since the 1950s. I only hope that you will be coming to Atlantic Canada (preferably Nova Scotia) sometime in the near future so I can experience your music first hand.
Hi Christine :-) You probably don't remember me, but we used to work together at Volume II books in Newark, Delaware. I will bookmark your site and keep an eye on your tour schedule in case you perform close by.
Gee the clips are too short but great ! I am an adopted Scot looking for Scots tunes to learn on accordion !
hey lady It's been a long time since we met that summer day on the hill to the lighthouse in northeast md. I hope to see you both soon , hope all is well. deb
Christina, Your Website is the coolest and best website we have around here.
Just got a computer & am overjoyed to follow your schedule. Also cannot wait to obtain your new cd.
Hey sweetheart. How are you ? We finally got through Winter. Yay! You site looks great! More congratulations are in order. We need to celebrate. Get back to me when you can. Oh yea, Christina Harrison Rocks! xo Bill.
Wanted you to know I visited your web site! I've been listening to "Mrs. Patterson's Daughter" in my car for three days now. What a fantastic CD. I love it! AND the people are right, it's not just for children.