Christina Harrison

KIDS CORNER, WXPN, Philadelphia, PA

I am delighted to say nice things about Christina Harrison's "Wee Folk Songs." These soothing sounds work for all ages...from youngest to stressed-out adult. Christina Harrison introduces kids to some of the lovely music she knew as a child, and reaches the child in all of us in the process. With well-known favorites like "Puff the Magic Dragon," and the "Unicorn," she breathes new, sweet-voiced life into them. My particular favorite is "My Hamburer Mooed At Me," which will delight even the most hard-hearted carnivore. "Wee Folk Songs" is a wonderful way to fall asleep, or a fine companion for the evening. I recommend this album highly to all."

BONNIE RIDEOUT - Scottish Fiddler

Dear Christina Harrison We wanted to write to you to express how wonderful your album is; "Wee Folk Songs." First let me say, speaking not only as a musician myself, but as a mother of three children from ages two to seven, that this album has offered me particular enjoyment. I feel somewhat of a connoisseur in this area of music now that I have had to sit through literally hundreds of listenings of children's recordings, and I still do not get tired of hearing you. This is rare indeed! But the true test of a successful children's album is how it holds the attention of the wee folk. Your music is not too difficult for the kids to learn the words - even "Treacle, Toffee, Macaroni". My girls always dance to "Doon In Egilsay St., and all join in the mandatory animal sounds that pass the test of a truly enjoyable album. I am especially grateful that your tempos are not out of control, like so much music for kids today. Your choice of tunes is perfect, and I especially like the songs you wrote. I hope you continue to do more writing and I look forward to hearing more of your work. With gratitude for making our life sweeter. Sincerely, Bonnie Rideout, Adam, Clarice, and Molly.