Christina Harrison

Parent's Choice 2007

"Memories of a childhood in Scotland inspired this charming, soft-hued collection of songs from Christina Harrison, once a Glasgow bairn." Fairies in the garden, riding a double-decker bus, Robert Louis Stevenson's "Bed in the Summer" poem, a shivery, nighttime narrative, "Owls in the Wardrobe" - each song is a well-told story."

Celtic Beat

This is a sweet and bittersweet memory of childhood in Glasgow. As she remarks in the liner notes Christina tells of how she penned many of these songs in response to the concept what it was to be Scottish, having moved from Scotland to England to the United States. This is her own story of a Scottish bairn. It could be called a memoir, but it is much more than that. Christina Harrison brings back the imagination of childhood with "Owls In The Wardrobe," and it's voice in "Betty Bought A Bit of Butter" and in the title cut "Mrs. Paterson's Daughter." With it's Scottish expression and locale, the songs here have a universal appeal. Many will recognize their own childhood in this, even in some of the expressions. Here on this CD is a beautiful, and unique "Taladh Chrisoda." The bittersweet, ironic part of Christina's childhood universe is so well caught in "Christmas In The Tenements." This is no unreal saccharine CD, but the reality of that Glasgow childhood. Above and beyond a great album of childhood songs, this CD serves within the context of Scottish music as grounding. As with other Celtic traditions there is the world of mythology from handed down traditions and writings which become the stuff of legends, and then there is the world of one person's memory and realities. In the latter world Christina Harrison and her team, Ian Bruce,niece Sarah Gibb, Shaun Blanchford, Marc Duff,Derrick Spencer, Martyn Wheeler, have created a masterpiece. AK