Christina Harrison

Ian Bruce

"Christina Harrison is petite but probably has more voice and presence per cubic inch than anyone else on the planet. It was the slightest suggestion from Chris that I produce, for her, an album and record it in her native Scotland, that had me jumping in with my size elevens. I arranged a band of the finest Scots' musicians to come and do the business. When you have Tony McManus on guitar and bass, Ian Lowthian on accordion, Marc Duff on whistles, recorder, bouzouki and bodhran, Iain Fraser on fiddle and viola and Chris on vocal, you can be pretty sure that something quite special is about to emerge. My already high expectations were surpassed."


  "A delightful album of folk orientated songs. Christina has a very distinctive voice and brings a clear and bright edge to a well chosen programme. Her choice of backing musicians is first class with a number of fine solo flourishes adding to the overall quality of the album.

FOLK ROOTS - Magazine U.K.

"US based Scottish singer with a powerful and striking voice and some well chosen songs comes home to record with some of Scotland's finest (IanIanIan), Tony McManus, Marc Duff."


Despite the Scottish provenance of the title, Lassie Wi' the Lint-White Locks actually originates across the Atlantic - well. sort of, as that's where its star, Christina Harrison, now lives. But earnest students of sleeve notes will soon discover the recording was actually made in Auchterarder, thus realizing one of Christina's ambitions. She hereslf is actually from Glasgow.

Along with Christina's vocals the album features Tony McManus on guitar and bass, Iam Lowthian on box, Marc Duff on wgistles and sundry artefacts, and Iain Fraser on fiddle and viola, with backing by producer Ian Bruce.

Christina's skills take us back to the days of Mary Queen of Scots, and into Dundee for Sheena Wellington's "Women of Dundee" and Mary Brookbank's "Jute Mill Song". In fact, Angus features again with "Norland Wind", though Glecsae does get a look-in with "Bonnie Wee Lassie's Answer."

Christina spreads her net even further afield with Roy Williamson's "Hills of Admorn" and "Orkney Anthem", and signs of with "Rantin', Rovin' Robin and the title track both by Burns.