Christina Harrison

Someday I'm Going Home - CD and Cassette

This is Christina's first entire album of originals, with the exception of one track, "Nothing in the Soul," written by Bob Gilman. She bravely took her Scottish songs to a renouned studio in Nashville, TN where she was introduced to some of the country's best accompanying musicians such as: Steve Sheehan, Pat McNamara, Jim Hurst, Andrea Zonn - all of whom record with America's music superstars. As they charted and played on her songs she remembers experiencing goosepimples and thinking "I have finally arrived - this is the best music experience I have ever had." As if that didn't suffice, some of her songs were also graced with the Uillean pipe playing of Eric Rigler who also plays on the soundtrack of "Titanic" and "Braveheart" movies. WILMINGTON NEWS JOURNAL, DE Recorded in Nashville, the album features contributions from notable musicians, but even among such musical heavyweights, however, Harrison's voice commands center stage. REVIEW BY JAMIE O'BRIEN - IRISH EDITION, Philadelphia, PA Coming across a new album by Christina Harrison is like meeting up with an old friend. There is the warmth and familiarity you expect, but there's also something of a surprise. That is certainly true of "Someday I'm Going Home." If you're used to Christina 'the folk singer,' stand by. Harrison is a versatile singer and a good writer (most of the songs are her own). Although this is not a Celtic album in the sense her earlier work was, she does not loose touch with those roots, as songs like "Watercolors" and "The Housewife's Life's Sae boring" demonstrate."